Attorney Patricia Anderson

patricia_anderson_myrtle_beach_bankruptcy_attorneyFinding yourself in a serious debt crisis is not something you planned. Most of the time, considering bankruptcy is very troublesome and often heartbreaking.  You may feel overwhelmed, out of control, heavily burdened, and terribly ashamed.

Making financial decisions while you are so upset can be frustrating and confusing. Often, you may not even know where to begin or what questions you need to consider to get yourself out of debt and into a more sustainable financial future.

Having grown up in Myrtle Beach, I have seen the dire economic changes affecting people in our area over the past few years. Being a South Carolina native, I know that you are seeing the same kind of economic turmoil happening to almost everyone who lives in our state and all over our country.

Hard-working people who have never had trouble paying their bills suddenly find themselves not being able to meet their financial responsibilities.  Almost always, overwhelming debts happen through divorce, illness, death, investment or job loss, not through frivolous over-spending.

You may have found yourself in any one of these devastating life-changing downturns and opted to use your credit cards simply to survive and meet your basic needs.  However, too often, credit card debts quickly add up, creating a debt burden that becomes unmanageable.

That is why the attorney you choose is crucial:  you need expert legal counsel who will help create a personal plan for you to best manage your current money problems. The best attorney is compassionate as well as wise, especially since the decision to declare bankruptcy is deeply personal.

The best way to manage your situation is to choose an attorney who will help you go through the bankruptcy process in a thoughtful and caring manner, considering your personal situation with all of the intricate details that make your problems uniquely yours.

I pride myself on recognizing the personal burden financial problems place on you, and I am dedicated to easing the pressures you face with compassion and understanding as I find the best legal solutions for you.ladyjustice

You can expect easy to understand information from me as I work with you to identify the best options to ease your financial crisis. Whether or not you opt to declare bankruptcy, I will help you carefully consider the options available to you and ensure that you understand what you need to do and what the outcomes of your options may be.

I will work hard for you to make a creative plan that meets your individual needs, applying my legal expertise to help you cope with your financial challenges in a way that will best help you manage your finances.

You may be facing foreclosure or have collection agents harassing you for unpaid debts.  As your attorney, I will help you through the hurdles of debt problems, and will use bankruptcy law to shield you when you feel oppressed by your financial problems.

I will ensure that you are not victimized by unfair debt collection practices, and work with you to help you become less vulnerable.  My goal is to ensure a financially safer future for you.
You did not plan to be in the financial situation that makes it necessary to consider bankruptcy.  Sorting out the best approach is easier with excellent legal representation that is provided in a compassionate manner.

As your attorney, I will always maintain your dignity in the face of your overwhelming financial burden.